About Skelini yewelry

 skelini is a porcelain design yewelry label.

Colors i use often are calming gray and white color, mint green, strong yellow, light blue and the most gentle pink. I love teardrop or raindrop shapes that are often to find in my jewelry. Very important for me is the perfect glaze and if you have a closer look you will notice cracks on the surface. For that I use specific glaze and apply it by tipping it with a small brush. Sometimes I open the kiln before it is completely cooled so that thermal shock causes even more cracks. Every piece is designed by me and handmade from scratch.


Pastel collection

Black and blue collection



About the person

My name is Jelena Güntsch.

I was Born and raised in Split at the Adriatic SEA coast. City derveloped from a Palace that Cesar Diocletian built 1700 years ago to retire from public life in Rome and spend his old days on a Little peninsula. I used to work in an Atelier together with a Group of ceramicists in the midle of Diocletian Palace and we sold our handmade work mostly to numeous tourists stumbling over our Gallery. Imagine yourself with straw hat and sandals on your feats, Standing on a hot Stone of a Roman Palace, tasting the sea in the air. This lightness and freedom is in everything I do.

For me making yewelery is going a Long way from clay chunk until pefect shiny ceramic beads.


I use high qality White clay and black and blue porcelain. I let it stay a bit on the air until it has an ideal humidity as then it can be nicely formed. I form every Piece with my Hands or rolling the clay with a rolling pin and cutting the form out with a needle.



When it is dry, I Color it with Engobe Colors and burn it in ceramic kiln on 1000 Celsius. Afterwards, I glaze each piece with rich layer of transparent glaze and burn it again.


Glaze is actually a glass that surrounds the ceramic Body.

Glazed pieces should not come in touch with each other during burning because they would melt together when glaze becomes liquid on 1160 Celsius. This is why I hang everything on the hangers I made for this.